Mark Flood

Deutero.2014 olio su tela cm 44x67

hi ok so i’ve actually decided to expand my previous giveaway a little bit ok it’s worth it i promise 
again, just a thank you to everyone who has supported me recently i love u if you wanna say hi on bandcamp go for it :o)
anyway i’m still going to pick a winner in november and i’ll still ship it to anywhere in the continental us and such just reblog the post and follow etc
(also i will still be picking from the notes on the first post AND the notes on the second post since there are two circulating now - no worries!)
in addition to the original: 
girls - ‘father son holy ghost’ (2LP)
animal collective - ‘sung tongs’ (2LP)
elvis depressedly - ‘holo pleasures’ (7”, swamp green)
the flaming lips - ‘the soft bulletin’ (CD)
radiohead - ‘the bends’ (CD)
red hot chili peppers - ‘californication’ (CD)
the black keys - ‘rubber factory’ (CD)

i will also now be throwing in:
sleigh bells - ‘treats’ - (2LP)
neutral milk hotel - ‘in the aeroplane over the sea’ (LP)
ty segall - ‘lemons’ (LP)

beep boop

I reached my goal of followers and decided to giveaway some of my favorite vinyls that I have been saving up for this moment:)))))))))
The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles Pink Robots
MGMT - Time To Pretend
Grimes - Visions
Beach house - Teen Dream
Bass Drum of Death - GB City
Yuck - Yuck (Deluxe Edition)
Best Coast - Crazy For You
Wavves - King of the beach
I will also write the winner a letter and I will throw in some other items :))))))
Only Reblogs
Must be Following me (I will check)
and actually enjoy the music :))
Ships anywhere
must be willing to give adress
I’ll pay for shipping:)
All vinyls are in perfect condition and still have the download card
Good Luck!!!! :))))))

Late night inspiration 9/13
Abbey at Chanel. 

DIIV’s Oshin, animated by chrisdejong
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